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Becca Meadows, nutritional therapy, origin health,

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the use of foods, diets, fasting, supplements, functional foods and dietary counselling, assessment and support to help people reach their health goals.
These health goals can range from weight management to disease symptom support, optimal sports function, eating for a healthy pregnancy and more.

How Can Nutritional Therapy Help You?

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition and lifestyle medicine in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. It combines nutrition science with your individual health history and current symptoms to support you through dietary change that makes a real difference to your long term health

Nutritional therapy can support a range of chronic conditions and symptoms including hormonal imbalances such as pre-menstrual syndrome, menopause, endometriosis and PCOS, digestive disorders, stress and anxiety, support optimum fertility and recovery from birth. 

To book an appointment please email:

or ring 07779 384673

Becca Meadows, nutritional therapy, origin health group, cheltenham
Becca Meadows, nutritional therapy, origin health,  elkstone, cheltenham

Nutritional Therapy & Women’s Health

Becca specialises in supporting women to thrive through all key lifestages, whether this be conception, post-natal, menopause and everything in between. 

Her clients range from women with issues such as PCOS and endometriosis, to those looking to conceive, going through assisted conception, currently pregnant, and those who are entering the menopause. 

Are you exhausted? Trying to balance everything and forgetting to prioritise yourself? Let’s have a free chat to see how I can get you feeling like you again. 

FREE 30 min discovery call.


Initial Consultation: £130
Follow-up Consultation: £100

Also, Contact Becca about her new course: A Transformational Health Solution for Busy Female Leaders.

To book an appointment please email:

or ring 07779 384673


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