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First Visit to an Osteopath

Learn more about what to expect on your first visit to an osteopath at Origin Health.

Osteopathy Suite, Origin Health, Cheltenham

What Happens in the First Visit to an Osteopath?

At your first consultation with one of our Origin Health osteopaths, we’ll ask you about the problem, the symptoms you’re experiencing, your treatment goals, and your medical history. This will help us to make a clinical diagnosis.

We then conduct an initial examination and then discuss options with you, so that we can jointly decide upon an appropriate plan, including any additional rehabilitation which we suggest will be help you achieve your stated outcome (including options such as yoga or Pilates). Treatment and rehabilitation may require several visits to one or more members of our team, but we aim to be as transparent with you as we can, including outlining the likely costs.

Our osteopaths may also suggest that you seek further medical tests before your first treatment, for example take blood tests or scans, and/or that that you consult your GP or another appropriate healthcare professional, for onward care.

All information will be treated as confidential in accordance with standards of practice set out by the General Osteopathic Council and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Osteopathy at Origin

Osteopathy Suite, Origin Health, Cheltenham

How osteopaths assess your condition

During your initial examination, our osteopaths will check the area(s) causing discomfort and may undertake further tests such as taking your blood pressure or testing your reflexes.

We recommend you come dressed in shorts, T-shirt or gym kit to enable us to work effectively without making you feel uncomfortable. However, it may be still be necessary for your osteopath to ask you to remove some items of clothing in order to assess the areas of the body causing concern. Please let us know if this is going to make you feel uncomfortable.

Your osteopath will assess your muscles and joints to identify the issue and any underlying problems. We may also assess your posture and the way you move. Sometimes the cause of the problem may not be immediately apparent, which means they may need to examine other areas of your body.

Unless there are underlying health issues or conditions requiring further investigation/referral, your osteopath will begin your treatment at your first appointment.

The osteopathic “click”

One of the most distinctive sounds associated with some osteopathic techniques is an audible ‘click’. This is perfectly normal and is nothing more than gas being released when a joint is manipulated!

This kind of manipulation has been subject to research and shown to have beneficial effects, especially for back pain, helping you to return to ordinary movement and activity.

Are there any risks associated with osteopathy?

The health risks associated with having osteopathic treatment are extremely low.

However, it’s quite common and perfectly normal for you to experience mild discomfort afterwards. Typically, this will resolve within 24 hours.


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